Office hygiene | Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser | 1200ml

Office hygiene | Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser | 1200ml

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The touchless soap dispenser is automatically operated by sensors designed for atomized hand care product and offers automatic spray cans so that hand disinfection can be carried out quickly and easily, cross-contamination is avoided and optimal hand hygiene is achieved. Ideally for public places, offices, pubs, restaurant, salons, barbers, hotels, motel, shops, store, canteen, and homes. small size suitable for many spaces.



- Wall mounted design, free of hole installation tools, very simple installation

- Automatic sensing function, so that you can disinfect without contact

- Moderate volume, which will not cause insufficient space

- 1200ml large capacity, can be used by 5-30 people for about 30-10 days

- High quality ABS material, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion

- Visualisation window, convenient to check the current amount of disinfectant

- Simple and beautiful appearance

- It is equipped with a security lock to prevent the product from being opened by others maliciously.



1.When you access sensitive areas. It will perform the fog spray function.

2. To avoid incorrect spraying, the distance under the disinfection dispenser is at least 40 cm.

3. Do not place the disinfectant dispenser in a place that is exposed to strong sunlight and over reflective objects.

4. Prevent objects from blocking the liquid outlet.

5. Do not spray the sterilizer directly with water.


    Material: ABS

    Function: automatic induction, non-contact spray

    Installation: mounted on the wall

    Weight: 0.7 kg

    Product size: 121 * 107 * 261mm

    Installation hole distance: 80 * 94 * 72 mm

    AC/ DC adapter: AC/DC adapter included



    1 * hand disinfection machine

    2 * mounting accessories

    1 * AC/DC adapter

    1* plug adaptor

    1 * instruction

    2 * stickers


    Automatic Induction: During use, place your hand within 5 cm / 2 inches of the nozzle, the machine will automatically spray the liquid once, about 1 ml each time, during continuous induction, the sterilizer sprays once every 3 seconds, sprays 9 times in a row, automatically stops, re-sensing, and continues to work

    Large Capacity: This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser has a large capacity of 1200 ml,suitable for use of various disinfectant liquids. for daily use and professional use, perfect for home, hotels, hospitals or other public places

    Wall-Mounted Design: Wall mounted soap dispenser that works well in keeping the counter surface clutter free, no holes, easy installation. you can effectively avoid cross infection without touching the soap dispenser

    AC/DC Charging: Built-in lithium battery, This disinfectant hand sanitizer also can be rechargeable AC/DC charging cable, simple and convenient, charging 4 hours, can be used 2000 times.


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