Wellskins Professional Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser

Wellskins Professional Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser

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Deep cleaning | Nutrition introduction | Lifting firming




-  Compound double-wave pulsation technology, the pores are not blocked, and the face is also confident.

-  The EMS micro-current stimulates cell movement, and the small V-face is carved, and the mirror is still seen.

-  The ion is introduced into the nutrient essence, the absorption is doubled, and the skin feels Q-bomb.

-  3D arc shovel surface, no dead ends on the face.

-  Ultrasonic pulse cleansing, with silicone brush, cleansing instrument.

-  3 large models, 6 large stalls, a full set of care is enough.




Step 1: comfortable cleansing

Put the silicone into the cutter head, clean the face with a cleansing lotion, and hold the sensor strips on both sides of the machine.


Step 2: Deep clean blackheads

Heat the nose with a warm cotton pad for about 5 minutes, open the deep clean mode, and shovel the blackheads and oil on the face. It works better with the blackhead extract.


Step 3: nutrient introduction and absorption

When using the essence cream or mask, open the nutrient introduction mode and apply it to the face.


Step 4: Tightening and shaping

Open the exquisite and refined mode, pull it from top to bottom along the skin, tighten the jaw line and make the facial curve firmer.




Product Name: Ultrasonic cleaning beauty instrument

Product model: WX-CJ101

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Rated current: 0.55A

Rated power: 2.0W

Gross weight: 0.399kg

Net weight: 0.184kg

Product size: 165.7*49*24mm


Package List:


1 x Beauty instrument

1 x Storage base

1 x Silicone brush head

1 x Charger

1 x Warranty card

1 x Manual

1 x Certificate