Luxury Portable Smart Phone UV Steriliser

Luxury Portable Smart Phone UV Steriliser

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Portable Smart Phone Steriliser.


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Disinfection UV Steriliser Box for Mobile Phones


Keep your phone safe, clean and sanitised from up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and nasty bacteria with this revolutionary UV-Clean Portable Phone Sanitiser.

Sanitises phone completely in just one minute (30 sec pes each side). 

UV-Clean kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria using no harmful chemicals or liquids.

Fits most phones, including most larger models like the 8+ and Google Pixel 3a XL, iPhone 11 ProMax.


The UV-C technology breaks down bacteria and viruses at the DNA level in just 30 seconds per side of your phone.

After use, collapse it back down into its original ultra-compact form and tuck into your purse or pocket for use anywhere on the go.

Rechargeable, with up to 70 uses per charge.

We recommend removing your case and sanitising separately.


How do I use the UV-Clean Portable Phone Sanitiser? (find out more on our YouTube channel)

1. Pop up the pop-out mechanism using the the finger tabs around the sides of the product

2. Unzip the case

3. Place your device on the flat surface, opposite the LEDs

4. Zip the case closed

5. Make sure the zipper is completely closed, and the zip is positioned magnetically in the on position

6. Push the power button to turn on the sanitising cycle

7. When the blue light turns off, the cleaning cycle is complete. Unzip and remove device from case.

8. Flip device and repeat to sanitise both sides


Small Items: 172x97x27mm

Please note: The case will not work if it is not completely closed and the zipper pull situated magnetically in the on position.