Ultraviolet UV-C LED Steriliser Light Drying box

Ultraviolet UV-C LED Steriliser Light Drying box

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White Ultraviolet UV-C LED Light Drying Steriliser.


Main features:
- Premium material: 

ABS eco-friendly shell, resistant to high temperature, it is durable to use.
- 3 working modes: 

There are 3 modes for you to select to remove bacteria. Convenient one key control, just short press the power key to choose its sterilisation mode.
- 99.9% sterilisation: 

Built-in PET composite heating element, uniform heating, rapid and safe, 25min to get hot air drying, the bacteria removal rate is up to 99.9%.
- Safe to use:
When the UV light is working, the UV light will automatically turn off if you open its cover, avoiding accidental damage to the eyes and skin caused by UV rays.
- Lower working noise:
It working noise is 50dB and less, no harsh noise, which won't disturb your life.
- Wide application:
It can be applied to sterilise kinds of daily necessities and personal health care products, like masks, glasses, bracelet watches, and so on.