Wellskins professional wireless eyebrow trimmer

Wellskins professional wireless eyebrow trimmer

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Wellskins Professional wireless eyebrow trimmer | Facial epilator.


Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Repairer Shaver.

Body Hair Removal with Pivoting Head 30° Adjustable Cutter Head.

Hair Remover for Women.

Painless Lady Shaver 6-in-1 with 1 AAA Battery. 



Smooth Pivoting Head: facial trimmer uses a smooth pivoting head to gently follow the natural contours of the skin to closely and precisely trim unwanted hair on the face, chin and neck.


Gentle for All Skin Types: This personal shaver is equipped with a round tipped, super thin hypoallergenic blade to trim safely on sensitive skin without irritation.


Sleek Wand Design: This facial trimmer has been designed with a sleek, stylish profile to fit comfortably in either hand for total control and slip easily into the beauty kit, bag or purse for trimming anytime and adding a finishing touch.


Easy to clean and installation: detachable designed, installation and storage will become convenient.


Three layers protection: multi layers designed is better to protect your skin.


Cordless and Battery Operated: Battery installation can use instantly, bring you more conveniece.


WellSkins multifunctional electric shaver, redefining shavers. 

One machine for multiple uses. Meet the needs in many ways.


Comes with two limit combs and various length options. Meet the different length needs of eyebrow trimming and haircut. 


The eyebrow trimmer can adjust the angle of 30°, easily adjust the fitting angle, and trim the shape of the eyebrows freely. Protect eyelids and eyelashes. 

Double cutter head and limit comb.

Use a limit comb to trim neatly.

Use a long knife to outline the eyebrow shape.

Remove unwanted hair with a short knife.

Use long and short knife alternately.

The long edge outlines the outline, and the short edge handles the eyebrow details. 

The messy eyebrows of different parts are shaved cleanly. 

Novices can learn too. 


Triple protection design does not harm the skin.

Easy to clean blades. Detachable, easy storage and installation. After use, you can rinse the blade part with water.


Easily trim your child's hairstyle. Using a hair clipper can also be used as a baby's hair clipper, gentle hair cutting does not hurt the scalp, and trimming a variety of fashionable shapes for the baby.



Product name: Multi-Function Shaver 

Rated voltage: DC1.5V 

Rated power: 1.2 w 

Weight: 78g/2.75oz 

Package size: 17.7*3.8*3.5cm/6.96*1.49*1.37in

Package weight: 100g/3.52oz 

Package List: 

1 x Hair Remover 

1 x Package box 

1 x Eyebrow remover 

1 x Repair remover 

1 x Small hair comb 

1 x Eyebrow comb 

1 x Battery