About Ultraviolet Cleaner | UV steriliser

UV- LEDs can efficiently, quickly kill viruses from the family coronavirus according many researchers.

Sources: American Friends of Tel Aviv University; National Centre of Biotechnology Information

  • Effective: Ultraviolet (UV) light has always been a very effective way of killing nasty germs and bacteria and is used in hospitals, laboratories, dentists and so on. It disinfects by breaking down the molecular structure of the germs and destroying them.

  • Efficient: Utilising only 24 watts of power, UV sterilisation is highly energy efficient and safely kills 99.9% of bacteria.

  • Safe: With UV sterilisation, you eliminate the risk of being burnt by hot water and steam.

  • Versatile: Dry UV sterilisation gives you unlimited sterilisation capability – from bottles and toys to make-up brushes and remote controls.

  • Eco-friendly: Chemical free: No chemicals are required at all.

  • Low maintenance: No water means no descaling is required.

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